After 34 years in Germany, 8 of which were spent in StudioPR in Norderstedt, this year my family and I faced a huge change: we moved to California. And because it’s such a great place to take photos, fire up the barbecue and so on, I want to take you with me. For a week at least. So, you’re welcome to drop by.

In the second week of September 2016, the RIPKEDEMY will kick off in Long Beach, close to LA. Over seven days, I’ll be telling a small group of maximum 9 people a little bit about my career in photography, from Aldi to Maracana, from inline skates to rap stars. We’ll make photo journalism reports together in one of the most beautiful places on earth, as well as in the studio; we’ll talk about photo editing and looks, and finally about what I consider to be a very important part of the life of a photographer: the economic and ideological path.

The final activity of the 7-day period will be a one-to-one, during which we’ll talk about you and your photography. And to make sure that the feedback and my input doesn’t stop once the week is over, I’ll remain available to all participants for any questions and tips over the course of the following year. I’ll be like a new godfather to you, well, for a year anyway. This whole concept is what is known in good ol’American as MENTORING and it means that, during the workshop, we’ll work out a 6-month goal and a year goal for you. After the workshop, you’ll then receive a task to do every month, as well as an evaluation/feedback of this task via a Skype call with me.

With this one-week workshop at the RIPKEDEMY, I want to give you an intensive insight into my way of working and into my photography career so far. I also want to take lots of photos with you and ultimately help you to find, or fix, your own path in the world of photography. There are 8 regular spots available for booking, with the ninth being awarded, by means of the RIPKEDEMY scholarship, to someone who can afford neither the trip nor the workshop.

The basic price is for the workshop EXCLUDING travel and EXCLUDING your hotel. You’ll also have to cover breakfast and dinner yourself, but we’ll have a couple of barbecues together and those will be on me. Naturally, I’m happy to recommend any hotels to you, but I’d strongly recommend you plan in a few days to visit LA, Palm Springs and one of the National Parks. It’s really worth the trip!